Alejandra Moros 



Solo presentations
2023   Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose - Spinello
             Pierce, Push, Pull, Press - GARTEN Gallery
2021    NADA Miami - Dale Zine

Residency Presentations
2023   PM/AM Gallery (London)
2022   Painters Painting Paintings (Amsterdam)

Other artworks




Alejandra Moros
b. 2000, Miami, FL
Lives and works in Miami, FL

2021        BFA, University of Miami, Miami, FL

Solo/Duo Exhibitions
2023        Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose, Spinello Projects, Miami, FL
                  Pierce, Push, Pull, Press, GARTEN Gallery, Como, Italy
2022        Alejandra Moros and Katja Farin, Painters Painting Paintings (online)
2021         NADA Miami, presented by Dale Zine, curated by Ebony Haynes, Miami, FL
                  Alejandra Moros and Amber Tutwiler, Flowerbox Projects, Miami, FL

Group Exhibitions
2023        Bounce, Oolite Arts, Miami, FL
                  Armory Show, presented by Spinello Projects, New York, NY
                  Breaking Flesh, Commune Gallery, Vienna, Austria
                  Wanderlust, Roberts Projects, Los Angeles, CA
                  Landscape of Realities, Oolite Arts, Miami, FL
2022        RAW, Gallery Vacancy, Shanghai, China
                  NADA Miami, presented by Dale Zine, Miami, FL
                  Selections from the Collection of Elizabeth Margulies, The Margulies Warehouse, Miami, FL
                  Young Americans, PM/AM Gallery, London, England
                  Ojos de Perro Azul, Marinaro Gallery, New York, NY
                  Life In An Ivory Tower,  Jack Siebert Projects, New York, NY
                  Art Brussels, presented by Gallerie Derouillon, Brussels, Belgium
                  The Shadow, One World Gallery, Miami, FL
                  I Do My Own Stunts, Spazio Amanita, Los Angeles, CA
2021         Sun Showers, Dale Zine, Miami, FL
                  I’m Allowed To Be Inside, 3100 Miami, Miami, FL
2019         RH Exposition, Rice Hotel, Miami, FL
                  Space Mountain, Miami, FL
2016         Beaux Arts Student Showcase, Beaux Arts Festival, Miami, FL

2023        PM/AM, London, UK
                  Oolite Arts Studio Residency, Miami, FL
2022        Painters Painting Paintings/Oostmeijer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
2021         Bakehouse Art Complex Summer Open, Miami, FL

2021         Friends of Friends, Dale Zine

2023         Artsy: 10 Emerging Painters Born in the 2000s to Watch Now
                   ArtForum Critics’ Picks: Alejandra Moros at Spinello Projects
2022         It’s Nice That: The zoomed-in paintings of Alejandra Moros ask you to fill in the gaps