Alejandra Moros 



Solo presentations
2023   Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose - Spinello
             Pierce, Push, Pull, Press - GARTEN Gallery
2021    NADA Miami - Dale Zine

Residency Presentations
2023   PM/AM Gallery (London)
2022   Painters Painting Paintings (Amsterdam)

Other artworks


Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose,  Spinello Projects
Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose
Spinello Projects, Miami, FL
May 13-June 24, 2023

“Spinello Projects presents Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose, the Miami debut solo exhibition of artist Alejandra Moros. This show presents a collection of paintings that explore the intimacy of portraiture through extreme close-ups of the human body and its adornments.

In Tip of the Tongue, Bridge of the Nose, Moros uses painting to document the closest people in her life, presenting them in a way that challenges the viewer’s perception of reality, forcing them to question what they are looking at. Moros’ works are a blend of hyperrealism, abstraction, surrealism, and portraiture. She manipulates oil paint into mono-hued paintings that are rich in detail and devoted to care towards the people she paints. Through fragmentation and dissociation, the works delve into the ambiguity of the human form, and the sensations associated with texture, touch, and sight.

Moros’ work focuses on microscopic details, zooming in on the tiniest elements of the body, such as skin pores, wrinkles, fingerprints, and worn jewelry creating an uncanny, unearthly sense of intimacy, and by contrast, detachment. Moros’ analytical approach to painting dissects a visual experience that elicits a feeling of tension. Moros wants to create the impression that the viewer knows something that they can’t quite communicate – the feeling that “it’s on the tip of your tongue.” The images that Moros creates communicates the tension that is held in our bodies and mind, the inherent qualities of perception and imagination, and the ambiguity that lies within the self and in relationships.”